Teaching Children to Read, Write and Spell with Confidence

Letter Box Mission

Our mission in teaching kids to read, write and spell with confidence is to offer a service that  improves student’s skills  and results which ultimately create lifelong learners.


“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit….. when there are footsteps on the moon!”

Letter Box was created by Ann Foster who has an insatiable desire to teach kids to read, write and spell with confidence. This driving force led Ann to studies in Special Needs, Counselling and Neuroscience to solve ‘unsolvable problems.Being guided by this background of knowledge and believing that we all bring and take from the table of learning, Ann and her  team, set up programs that would encourage children to reach their potential.

Letter Box’s aim is to guide children, step by step into the future of their dreams. Compassionate dedicated teachers believe that consistency, perserverance, hard work, a positive attitude and an acceptance of a personal responsibility for learning are the ingredients of success.

Pricing is related to the level of expertise and quality delivery that Letter Box  teachers bring to their positions as educators. The services give hope and confidence to parents who know that their children are underachieving or not meeting their potential.

Letter Box is focused on results with frequent monitoring and programming that is geared to each child’s individual needs. Ann (qualified as a Guidance officer), leads the team to support programming and teaching initiatives.Problems that underlie lack of academic success are identified and addressed. Exercises are accessed to improve core brain functions and make learning easier. In order to achieve outstanding results we use technology for students to access one on one tutoring in reading, writing and spelling as well as using this mode to provide extra academic support when needed. Teaching children to read, write and spell is our core business and as such we have pursued every pathway to be the experts in these fields.

We value respectful, caring relationships to engage students and support parents in improving academic studies that will provide a future that lays claim to satisfaction in life’s purpose and a freedom that comes from excellent academics which provide a magnitude of future choices.

About Letterbox

Letter Box is an independent, educational tutoring and consultancy business that works with students, teachers and parents to improve educational outcomes in the areas of Reading, Writing and Spelling. We work with very young children, who are beginning to read and write, and upper primary children who require support, acceleration or deeper knowledge. We also work with adults who have missed the opportunity to be academically successful at school. Educational success goes hand in hand with social power, so, together, we are creating a brighter future for the student.

Tutoring – http://www.letterboxlearntoread.com/

 Is your child having difficulties in Literacy? Are you struggling to know how to help? Letter Box provides online one on one tutoring in a virtual classroom or face to face tutoring at Letter Box residence. All tutors are registered teachers. We can help your child reach his/her true potential.



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Letter Box has created an online environment that enhances motivation to achieve academic results that are indicative of a student’s innate potential. In our classrooms, students and teachers are valued and respected therefore; there are no behavioural issues that interrupt learning. Nurturing the love of learning requires the building of relationships that are supportive, encouraging, challenging and respectful. These relationships are vital to the success of our students and are always embedded in our core concern for them.

What We Do

Letter Box is an educational consultancy that partners with our students to develop skills and knowledge in the areas of Reading, Writing and Spelling .We believe that all students can be successful withexplicit teaching, appropriate scaffolding and practice.. To achieve this aim we focus on different levels of Reading, Spelling and Writing suitable to individual needs.

On entry into our programs, testing will confirm the beginning level.  Letter Box has an educational consultancy business where students who are experiencing difficulty can be diagnostically tested to determine what is impacting on the child’s inability to access the curriculum. This service is recommended for students who have limited skills or difficulties in the area of Literacy or Numeracy. A report with recommendations is provided so that Letter Box and the school can work hand in hand.

Tutoring is offered online in a virtual classroom. An explanation of online teaching is given elsewhere on the site http://www.letterboxlearntoread.com and in a video on the first page of the website. In this mode of delivery the student is able to focus without the interruptions of a classroom. In classes with a capacity of four or five,but mostly one on one, students are given the individual attention that they require to progress successfully. This mode of delivery has proven to be extremely effective as well as convenient. Parents are able to continue working with their other children or household chores while the student is online learning independently. Parents have relished the extra time at home rather then dropping children off for instructions and then having to pick them up at a later time. Everything is completed in the comfort of the home.

Why Letter Box?

Letter Box is able to help you solve a broad range of problems related to your child’s academic success. Just a few of the academic challenges we can help you with are –

  1. Maximising your child’s Literacy results with tutoring in Reading accuracy and fluency, Comprehension, Writing or Spelling
  2. Providing an overall diagnostic assessment and report on your child’s Literacy knowledge and skills
  3. Products that will enhance your child’s ability to perform in the area of Literacy
  4. Helping your child to have a brighter future through acceleration now
  5. Monitoring progress over time

You may have another educational challenge that needs solving. Contact us and we”ll happily meet to talk through how we can help.

Letter Box

Results focus: We are focussed on making a positive difference to your child’s education. We want to achieve results and we want to deliver on your expectations.

Logical and practical solutions made simple: We believe in delivering intelligent solutions in a simple way.

Passionate: We love literacy education and all things related and we love watching as students succeed.

Experience: We are experienced in working with students at many levels. We have worked with students who require acceleration and students who require learning support to reach grade level. We have many years of experience  and knowledge to draw upon to provide the best educational program available.

Relationships: We believe that the best work develops out of relationships. We believe that everything in life relies on building strong relationships with clients and with students.

Flexibility: We are flexible and will do everything in our power to cater for your child’s individual needs. This may mean that you require one on one tutoring at some time but can move into a classroom at a later date. It may mean that your child requires support in becoming comfortable with the online classroom. Whatever your need we will do our best to accommodate you

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