Cross the Threshold and Eliminate Problems




Cross the threshold and eliminate the problems that come with raising children. At times we all struggle with problems and feel that there is no where to turn. Perhaps you think that things are so bad that no one would believe, or understand. Things have happened in my life  when I have felt  alone and  lost and thought there was no where to turn. As mothers and fathers we all have excitement and pain when raising children. It is like a roller coaster, one week is full of all things good, then BANG the sky falls in!!


I don’t know why we feel so threatened about sharing our problems, even talking or writing about our difficulties helps. So today I want to invite parents to come to my blog and feel comfortable in sharing their concerns about their child’s reading, writing or spelling. There is always someone out there who can help. It is just a matter of finding the right person or persons. So, cross the threshold and eliminate the problems.


We need a village to raise a child is an old saying BUT it holds more importance today than every before. Our internet community can be that village for you and your child. We need as much encouragement and support possible while raising and educating children. It is a very different world to the world that we  grew up in. In online communities we can form relationships that support and encourage us through all kinds of situation. These friendships can be our lifeblood.


The pain of losing my family members has been transformed into energy that is directed into helping students who have problems learning. To improve my strategies in helping these children, I have completed two Master Degrees, one in Special Needs and another in Counseling and Guidance. Needs to me means students who need remediation and those who need extension. At times those students who need extension require more care because of boredom or lack of motivation; both can lead to all kinds of problems. I feel that now I have the compassion and the knowledge to be able to encourage children to move from the failure into a space of triumph.


We have all struggled at times, BUT the important thing is to surmount the bumps in life and to move forward with strength and confidence. We don’t always do everything right BUT it doesn’t really matter as long as we are trying. I have walked the hard road with many clients and we have turned the corners and have reached the destination while enjoying the journeyTogether we have crossed the threshold and eliminated problems. And through this process I have made many friends whom I value enormously,


Today, I  want to send you joy and peace and let you know that we can work together and help each other to achieve amazing results. My passion is to provide the best programs and support for your child to gain success in his studies so that in the future dreams will come true.. Right now, I’m inviting you to join our online blogs and tell us what is happening for you.May the power of the universe hold you in its embrace.

Ann Foster   


Ann Foster is a teacher with a unique talent to provide back to basics step by step programs/products and tutoring for students in Australia and overseas.Her programs and products help children, teachers and parents to achieve extraordinary results quickly. She has a track record of bringing into action programs that are easy to follow and that achieve results. Ann has been working online teaching students and adults successfully for the last four years and has taken children from average results to well above.Letter Box staff solve problems and puts wings onto dreams.