How Poor Reading and Writing Impacts on Self-Esteem

How poor reading and writing impacts on self-esteem is rarely spoken about. We continuously discuss poor results and underestimate what happens to the student emotionally and socially. These areas are vital to the student’s future. 

What is self-esteem?

Self -esteem is how we feel about ourselves or the worth or the value we place on ourselves. From birth until about 6 years of age children appear to have positive self-worth. They think that they can conquer the world and achieve anything. Once children enter school, self -esteem can be severely challenged. Academic success boosts confidence BUT if academic results deteriorate confidence slides as well.

Why is self-esteem important?

Self -esteem impacts on career, relationships, mental wellbeing and happiness and should be monitored constantly throughout the child’s school life. I am passionate about making certain that children are cared for and constantly building on their self -esteem. The children that need the most help are those who are not succeeding with reading and writing in the lower years. If success is achieved in these early years and the academic problems are sorted children normally, manage emotionally and socially. But, if academics are a problem, you can nearly rest assured that they will experience a decrease in self -esteem and their whole life will change.

Self-esteem is important for all of us because those who have a positive self-worth are healthier, build better friendships, have less worries and stress, are able to manage problems better, try new things without fear, and are more motivated as well as having less behavioural problems. Looking at these characteristics, I am sure, that every parent would want them for their child.

How to change poor self-esteem

There are many children who have low self-esteem due to poor academic success. Once the child feels that intrinsic feeling of success, things begin to change. As soon as I take a child individually to show him how to use reading or writing strategies successfully, I notice a difference. I have often given a lot of thought to this change. I believe that the highest source of support is to show that we care by giving children one on one support. Once this attention is in place I notice tiny smiles, this is the beginning of a new relationship for the child. This is a relationship where the child can trust that there is someone who will take care of them all by themselves, not in a classroom of thirty children where every child is trying to get attention.

As the teacher and the child’s relationship builds, success grows and the child’s whole persona changes. It is then that sometimes you hear the sad stories and see the tears. And this is only the beginning. I have watched children soar to unbelievable heights when they have someone to believe in them and who will show them the path to success. Make certain that the person who is taking your child to a successful future is an expert in knowing what must be done to change the present situation. Your child deserves it.