Before writing this blog, I decided to look up the definition of tuition. Money for instruction was the meaning provided. This is a limited view of what needs to be considered when searching for a tutor for the most precious gift in your life, your child. Tuition is the act of tutoring and as such requires more than receiving money. It is a responsibility that no tutor takes lightly.

Today tutoring has moved to a different level with the development of technology. Online tutoring now offers an at home service available in any place in the world. This situation limits stress on parents in time and motoring costs. 

Online tutoring allows the parent to watch the tuition so that difficult concepts can be revised following the lesson, if needed. Parents not only hold the purse they also hold the respect and power to enhance and consolidate, if needed. Those students that achieve results in online tutoring are those students who parents are involved in their education. These parents are the ones who spend  time doing extra work to close gaps or to extend knowledge. This does not mean that the parent has to watch every minute of every lesson, it just means that the parent is involved.

Online tutoring is not just about money it is about building relationships with the student, parents and teachers at school. If the school, the home and the tutor are communicating the results can go through the roof. The parents are the most powerful persons in these relationships because children want to be the very best for the ones  they love.

Tuition doesn’t happen without work behind the scenes. Tutoring is a job that is not for the feint hearted. Regular testing and monitoring to make sure that the students reach their goals is  part of an overalll plan so that children can access the school curriculum with ease.Additionally, programs and strategies are developed to cater for individual needs. This is a broad statement and possibly provides little information about the meaning of catering for individual needs. Let me give you an example. As the owner of Letter Box, I have flown to different areas to support children who have needs that have not been addressed by the traditional systems. In providing this support I see lives changed. Helping with information and referrals to support parents sort out physical, emotional, social and intellectual problems has given hope and comfort.

Before entering an online tutoring program it is important to have a confidential talk with a tutoring expert to discuss any problem that may complicate or impede tuition. In Letter Box your child is tested by a Guidance Officer who will plan and direct the programming with the teacher who will be conducting the online tutoring. Every six weeks the children’s results are reviewed to make certain that progress is happening. Some children require more revision than others and some children require a faster program. Make certain that you know what you can do to help the progress.

Finally, lessons are time slotted for you, so that it suits your needs. Children need to adhere to the routine and stick to the days and the times allocated. If they are supported in this timetabling they will use this structure in other areas of their lives. The increased engagement and the excitement of learning will motivate students to continue to improve their results. With improvement self esteem and confidence increase and life seems easier all round for the child and other family members.

Tuition has many advantages as can be seen from the above discussion. But the greatest advantage would be that of securing a future for your child. This assurance is priceless. In today’s world the skills that are needed are driven by an economy that demands an ability to learn new skills in an ever changing world. Make certain that your child is able to adapt to this change and be a part of the growth in this exciting world.

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 Ann Foster is the owner of an online tutoring business, Letter Box. She is a talented teacher who has been in the field of education for over thirty years. She holds two Master degrees in Special Education and Counselling and Guidance. Ann loves the challenge of finding children’s strengths and using these to drive success. Currently, Ann is working in a primary school situation as a learning support teacher. She is passionate about teaching children to read, write and spell as soon as they are ready.

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