Combination: Introductory Letter/Sound Package 1


These cards have the same pictures that appear on the Alphabet Chart. This is the first product that children need to play, once they have listened to the Phonics and Comprehension audio .

This product is a letter matching game. The instructions are included in the downloadable packs. There are two sets of cards in this product. The cards are used to play games to consolidate the letters and sounds of the alphabet. The 26 letters of the alphabet appear on individual cards.

The games are used once the letter and sound flashcards-automatic recall have been used and the child is familiar with the names of the letters and the sounds. This pack is used for consolidation. The instructions are in the downloadable packs.

In this set there are no pictures accompanying the letters. This pack is used to take the child to automaticity. This automatic recall is needed so that the child can sound out words without losing the flow of the reading and spelling.

Letter BoxLetter Matching Game
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