Introductory Package


This is a beginner’s package that is used to teach children to read, write and spell. This package contains:

• Alphabet Chart [Printable]
• CD [Instant Download]
• Script to go with the MP3 for revision purposes [Printable]

Before beginning the program, print off and laminate the A4 sheets of the letter and sound characters. Once these are ready you can begin learning. Place the A4 picture in front of the child and play the first lesson from the CD.

What I love most about this program of learning the alphabet letters and sounds is that the child uses visuals and audio to enhance learning. It is best to repeat one letter at a time until it is consolidated. For extra learning, have the child make the letter in play dough, with shaving cream or he can draw the letters in the sand. Once the letter is learnt it can be placed on the wall for future reference.






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