Red Vowel Alphabet Cards


Product Description

These cards have been specifically created to support spelling. Learning to spell with cards before writing spelling, consolidates a specific set of skills. Of course, keep the children writing and they will transition their efforts at spelling with cards to the written word.

In this package the vowels and y are coloured red for a reason. Each syllable and each word must have at least one vowel. Once a word is made the child will notice if a red card is absent, then there is no word!

There is one letter, Y, coloured red because the letter, y, can act like a vowel. Y says the letter i’s name at the end of a one syllable word and the sound of letter e’s name/e/ at the end of a longer word. Examples would be, shy and happy.

Save the cards and print three sets of cards so that there are enough letters to make multisyllabic words later. I laminate to add a longer life to the set. A video is attached to show how to use the cards to begin or to consolidate spelling.


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