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Scaling Up Excellence

    Scaling Up Excellence means improving with a plan  that  an organisation or group of people  adheres to with some differences for localisation. I have been mesmerised by the concepts in this book and have been trying them at a whole class level. The examples in the book are compelling. When I think of the […]

I Have a Spelling Secret. Are YOU Listening?

I have a spelling secret, are you listening? But firstly, I am going to give you the background of what my secret will reveal at the end of this blog. Yes, it is something about spelling. I am passionate about spelling; I love teaching it, I love learning about it and I constantly find new […]

Elementary Spelling Words for Early Learners

 What are Elementary Spelling Words? Elementary spelling words are basic words that children need to learn early so that they can achieve success and build confidence. Many common elementary spelling words contain silent consonants, irregular vowels, or other tricky spellings.  Students often need a little extra practice reading, writing and spelling these words. We will leave the […]

Strategies Improve Student Motivation

When it comes to learning about shares to invest and make money one of my sons reads about three related books each fortnight. This activity has been continued over approximately twelve months. This man is highly motivated. We can reasonably draw this conclusion based on his close attention when learning about the topic and his eagerness […]

Decoding Word Strategies

How often do you listen to your child read and notice that when he comes to decoding  multisyllabic words, he mumbles and keeps on going? I have experienced this so many times that I wonder if it is in the DNA! These are the children who aren’t self monitoring for meaning, they are getting the […]

Writing Structure Plays a BIG part in Learning to Read

Writing Structure Plays a BIG part in Learning to Read.                                Background Information Writing structure plays a big part in learning to read. Different types of writing such as stories, a reports or poems have different structures. Each of these types is used for different purposes and therefore uses different structures to deliver the author’s message. […]

Encouragement is the Best Medicine

Encouragement is the Best Medicine Encouragement is the best medicine. It can drive children through problems and onto the pathway to success. Think of any situation in your personal life and know how encouragement pushed you to crawl your way out of the pit. I can remember vividly a young boy who suffered from anxiety, depression […]

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