Teaching Kids to Read, Write and Spell Online with Letter Box

 Teaching kids to read, write and spell online  with Letter Box is really cool!!! The best thing about learning to read, write and spell online is that the student  is in his own home feeling relaxed and ready to learn. Some children initially find it difficult to get into the routine  after school and need some time to get used to the idea. However, once lessons are in progress and the student can see the improved results, self esteem rises and they begin to move happily towards their goals.

Best results are achieved in teaching kids to read, write and spell is to be consistent with lesson attendance. This means turning up to every lesson or re-arranging a time if necessary.

What is Needed

Tutoring online requires internet access, a headset that has a microphone and ear pieces, ( a digital tablet and pen if you so desire). A digital tablet allows the student to draw and write with a digital pencil. The student can use the keyboard to type if he/she doesn’t have a tablet. Contact Letter Box if you require more information about the tablet and its functionality or retail outlets. Letter Box has these items in stock if you require them.

How Long are the sessions

 Sessions are twenty minutes duration three times per week for younger children or 30mins two times per week if the child is able to attend for this length of time. Flexibility in delivery and programming is available on request. All tutors are fully qualified holding current teacher registration.


Private lessons in a room of 1 is $50.00/session of half an hour

3 sessions of 20 mins per week is calculated at the same hourly rate

How to Begin:

 Once lesson times are arranged an email is forwarded to the client. This email has a link that leads directly into the virtual classroom.

 Secondly, the teacher will call, to confirm the time to conduct online or face to face testing. All children are tested before entering programs in order to cater for their needs. This normally happens on weekends or at a time suitable to both parties.

 All students are given a time to familiarise themselves online, with guidance, before they participate in class sessions. After about five to ten minutes, or less, children are comfortable with the online environment.

What is in the classroom?

Each student has a microphone and access to a whiteboard for writing. The whiteboard is inter-active. Children can talk to the teacher, send a message, put their hand up to ask a question, clap, (if it is appropriate) and write or draw on the white board when directed. The teacher uses a digital tablet to write and draw in freehand, as well as options that allow instant access to the internet and other information that is used throughout the lesson.

What areas of Reading, Writing and Spelling are taught online?

Reading Lessons

Teaching kids to read is a complex skill that includes three areas; accuracy, comprehension and fluency. Accuracy is the ability to read easily and to be able to work out unknown words. Comprehension is the ability to understand what is being read, while fluency is the flow or speed of reading. Each area of reading has many levels of complexity.Following testing, pupils are placed on a level where they feel confident and where they are able to read easily while learning new underlying skills in the areas of accuracy, comprehension and fluency.

 Spelling Lessons

 At Letter Box we believe that kids have been taught how to spell mainly through their eye memory (visual memory) .To be an effective speller a   child needs to use his eyes, ears and hands as well as his brain. The use of the individual skills that each body area brings to Spelling is unique and requires some time to learn BUT the rewards are enormous. Letter Box has well structured programs that cater for all children’s needs.

Writing Lessons

A piece of the student’s writing is sent to Letter Box for analysis.Once the analysis is completed, teachers are able to work out a program to improve in seven areas of writing. These are the areas that will make writing that starts with a fabulous idea, looks representable,is well organised, has sentences that flow well, includes great vocabulary, and the writer’s personality shining through the writing piece.

Extension Lessons

Extension Programs are available for students who have learnt to read and write and need enrichment. Teachers focus on the areas that require extension and then proceed to develop skills in note-taking in project work as well as enriching narrative writing. This work is especially rewarding with lower school students to support them in maintaining a high skill level.

Remediation programs

Remediation programs are available in all areas

Email Ann for your FREE Lesson

  Ann Foster, the Principal of Letter Box has a Diploma is Education, a Bachelor of Educational Studies, two Master degrees, one in Special Needs and the other in Guidance and Counselling. If students are having difficulties any area Ann is available to help with sessions.


 Videos and products are available to help your child. Each student has FREE access to an online reading program where electronic books are available for use on a daily basis to improve reading and comprehension skills. These products are FREE to all Letter Box students in a tutoring program. We work with you to provide the best service possible to achieve success.


 The greatest reason to choose Letter Box is that we care about solving your child’s educational problems. No student should have to suffer poor self-esteem because of the lack of academic success.

Ann Foster
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