Activities over the Holidays to Improve Reading

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As parents we MUST continue reading activities over the holidays to improve reading. This is the time when you will be able to do just that little bit extra that will make the difference. I have three simple activities that you can do that won’t cost a thing BUT could change your child’s self- confidence and ability to read.

Reading stategies that work

 Read a well written book to your child each day. This one strategy will improve listening skills, comprehension and vocabulary to name just a few.

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• Enjoy one experience together on a daily basis that will improve your child’s ability to build information that is necessary for background knowledge in reading and writing. Teaching kids to read, write and spell comprises skills that can be included in daily activities such as cooking.

Positive Mindset

There is another component that will help your child’s reading develop and this strategy is  having a mindset that truly believes that this can happen.Today I was reading an article by PJ McClure  He was talking about change and how everything and everyone has the ability to change. Common coal changes into diamonds, ore changes into metal and a carpenter once became a king. Wow how big is that!!!! What does this mean for us? 

Neuroscientists have been telling us for years that we are able to achieve whatever we can perceive. Put all of this together and we can rise and become anything that we want to become BUT we must put into action the steps that will bring our dream into reality.

Let me tell you a story

I once taught a young girl who found school a little difficult to say the least. Her mother was continuously at school supporting her in anything that she needed help. If she didn’t understand something her mother would ask me how she could teach her child to read, write and spell at home.

The years passed and the girl grew into a lovely woman who wanted to be a doctor. There was no way that she would be able to enter MED School, her marks were not acceptable. So she began studying for an Applied Science degree. Then she transferred after a lot of effort and research into medicine. This did not happen overnight, it was long journey but bit by bit this amazing child accomplished her dream. She never took her mind off the focus, her dream of becoming a doctor. With her mother’s support she worked hard to fulfil her dream.

What is your child’s dream? Are you prepared to go the extra mile to support your child in his efforts to fulfil his dream?

Ann Foster

Ann Foster is a teacher with a unique talent to provide back to basics step by step programs/products and tutoring for students in Australia and overseas.Her programs and products help children, teachers and parents to achieve extraordinary results quickly. She has a track record of bringing into action programs that are easy to follow and that achieve results. Ann has been working online teaching students and adults successfully for the last four years and has taken children from average results to well above.

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