Ten Tips to Improve Spelling in Writing

If spelling is incorrect in writing, the intended message may be unclear. Imagine the chaos caused by this husband’s incorrect spelling of here.

 "I’m having a wonderful time, I wish you were her."

Here are ten simple tips that will help your child make certain spelling is correct. It all relates to editing. Spelling is taught in explicit progressive sessions and teaches the skills necessary to spell correctly. Editing entails looking at spelling in writing and correcting that spelling.

Tip One
Read through the writing and circle five words that are spelt incorrectly. Circle the words that LOOK  incorrect.

Tip Two
Write the incorrect word at the bottom of the page.

Tip Three
Look at the front of the word…. Does it look incorrect? If so underline it

Tip Four
Look at the back of the word….. Does it look incorrect? If so, underline that part of the word

Tip Five
Look at the middle of the word….. Does it look incorrect? If, so, underline that part of the word.

Tip Six
Now that all the incorrect parts of the words are underlined, it is a matter of working out the correct letters that are needed to replace the incorrect

Tip Seven
Every beat (syllable) in a word must have a vowel, sometimes a y acts like a vowel. Check this.

Tip Eight
To complete this section it is recommended that the following letters are placed on a chart in the following format. At this stage of spelling the child has to be able to use their visual (eye) memory to work out what size letter or letters is needed.
High letters: b, d, f, h, k, l, t.  
Body letters: a, c, e, i, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x, z.
Tail letters: g, j, p, q, y.

Point to the incorrect part of the spelling and ask the following questions:

Does this part need a high letter, a body letter or a tail letter? Then use letter cards to make the word with the considered letters.

Tip Nine
Are there any other letter combinations that would make this word look correct? An example could be the /k/ sound, could it be a ck, ck , c,ch. Which one looks correct? They all say the sound /K/

Tip Ten
Write the correct word above the incorrect spelling in the writing.

The ten tips to improve spelling begin with an incorrect spelling that is most likely, only relying on phonics. Progressive strategies  in the ten tips mean that they can be introduced gradually. As one is learnt and then a new step is introduced.These tips are improving spelling through using the eyes, or the visual memory. This is a second stage of spelling with the phonics being the first. Remember to introduce one tip at a time until you have all the tips in place and then you will have a child that writes:
"I am having a great time, I wish you were here!!!! "

Letter & Sound Flashcards Automatic Package


 These cards can be set up on a table with the vowels running vertically on the left and the consonants on the right. The children use these cards to make their spelling words. The cards give the children a chance to correct words in their writing without continuously trying to correct with pen and paper.
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