Writing Ideas and Supporting Details

Online Literacy tutoring has been my life for about four years and in that time I have witnessed a huge deterioration in student’s narrative writing.

Probably the main deficit is in the area of IDEAS. It is really not the IDEA that is the problem; it is the development of the supporting details. What do I mean? As an example I will offer the proverbial recount that is religiously completed following a holiday break.

Teachers often see the sentence…. The holiday was fun. Yet throughout the story the students hasn’t shown the reader why the holiday was fun. I was working with a girl who lived in a western town. She wrote a similar sentence. The story was really boring. Once she had finished we discussed the writing and the holiday. I couldn’t believe my ears…. This student had been to a penthouse. I had never been to a penthouse and was vitally interested. But, do you know what? She hadn’t even hinted in her writing that she had holidayed in a penthouse. Now think about it….. How many people have holidayed in a penthouse… not many, I would say. How many people/readers would love to read about a holiday in a penthouse…? I certainly did. Details are vitally important in writing. They add the juice to the story and engage the reader.

Online Literacy Tutoring brings all of the components of writing together to help the students create a piece of writing that is world class… not only once but always. Students in Online Literacy Tutoring learn all the skills to help them enjoy writing as well as knowing how to present writing in a way that will engage the reader.

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Ann Foster is a Learning Support Teacher with a difference. She helps students to see their inner gifts and brings them to fruition.
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