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Spelling is a fascinating subject. If children begin learning spelling strategies early in their studies, they too, will be fascinated with spelling and move from one level to another. This is a general Spelling article and each week, this month, I will extend on this topic.

Phonological Awareness

Follow the Phonological blogs as these will give the foundation for spelling. In the small groups that I work with, I notice a huge Spelling  improvement once Phonological Awareness increases.  Phonological Awareness is the greatest predictor of reading and spelling success, so it really does needs to be a priority. I am rigid in this area and make certain that Phonological Awareness is always a warm for each session.

People have different opinions about spelling. My researched and considered opinion about spelling is that it is based on a sounding system and that it spirals in complexity to using the eyes to see if words look right and then to the brain to use rules of adding beginnings and endings and then finally, Greek and Latin roots.

Using the EARS

If the ears are tuned in to the sounds that the letters make it is easy to be phenomenal at spelling. Hearing the beats in words (syllables), stretching out words into their individual sounds and then writing the letter or the letters that match those sounds. Write what you hear.

Using the EYES

Once the above step is moving along, the second step involves looking at what has been written and making sure that the  word is spelt correctly. The strategy that I have the children use is to look at the front of the word, if it is correct,give it a tick, look at the back of the word, if correct a tick or if it is incorrect, a cross, finally look at the middle of the word and do similarly. This strategy is great because it tells the child that they haven’t failed in spelling, there is just one part of the word that they are writing incorrectly. This means that a child could have 2/3 s of a word correct!!! How great is that. Then by using the strategy the student attempts to correct the incorrect word part.  Finally,, check also that each beat/syllable has at least one vowel or a y.

Using the Brain

The third area of spelling is structural analysis (morphology) or the beginnings and endings of words and the rules that apply. This section begins in Prep with adding s to make words more then one, then knowing the rules that applies to adding ing to basic words. The spiralling of these skills and rules increases in complexity as children move up the Spelling ladder.

Finally, the children learn Greek and Latin roots that teaches the origin and  meaning of words  and of course the letters that match these concepts and the sounds.

What you will need for the first  spelling lesson

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